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Prochem cleaning specialist magazine

Prochem Europe Ltd

Who are they:
Established in 1974, Prochem Europe are a leading manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets, fabrics and floors.

Their objectives:
To outsource the enclosing and mailing of their bi-annual customer magazine so that the time of their staff can be used more appropriately.

By using specialised software, we are able to find the most cost effective postal solution for each mailing, often saving our client hundreds of pounds in the process.

How these objectives were achieved:
We met with the client to explain how we work and the procedures we use, which gave the client confidence in us. A few years down the line, we now handle all aspects of their mailing work.

We dispatch the mailing within days as opposed to weeks which was previously the case and saved our client just over 40% against their previous postage costs.

As well as our client being pleased with the service and reclaiming their office from cardboard boxes, their staff are over the moon that they no longer have to enclose the mailing themselves!