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We can save you up to 33% on your UK postage costs by taking advantage of the Royal Mail's Mailsort, Walksort and Cleanmail bulk mail discount services.

Wherever Royal Mail offers discounts based on volume, there is an option to achieve even greater postal savings. As a Mass Mailing alternative to Royal Mail, there are now over 20 organisations licensed to act as postal operators. If your mailing meets the minimum requirement for postage discounts, we will run the data through our specialist software and advise you on the most cost-effective method of sending your mailing, including Downstream Access (DSA). Contact us for more information

What are you looking to mail out?

Our clients use our mailing services to send out their, for example…

  • Newsletters
  • Statements
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Letters announcing new products or services
  • Change in their terms and conditions

It is important to every single client that their mailing reinforces the value of their brand. Working closely with you, we will advise on the most effective way to present your mailing.

Using HP printer technology, we can laser print personalised letters and address carriers and we can supply and laser all sizes of self-adhesive labels. Our enclosing services range from standard sized enclosures - DL, A4, A5, A3, to enclosures that vary in size, texture and shape.

Our inkjet facility means that we can address envelopes and postcards from DL to C4 size, in a wide selection of fonts and colours.

We offer a bespoke hand enclosing service for non-standard enclosures such as product samples, swatches and promotional gifts.

Once your mass mailing is underway, we have many quality control processes and audit procedures that ensure your job is checked for accuracy before being despatched to your postal operator.

Talk to us to find out more about our Mailing Solutions

With an overseas business it means I need a reliable company to handle our holiday brochure mail outs in my absence. Broadwater do so professionally and timely and have always been friendly and easy to deal with in the six years they have worked with us. Smooth operators!

Lezley Dhonau,,

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