Consumers are driving the increase in Pick 'n' Pack

Direct mail used to drive consumers online

Direct mail used to drive online sales

Broadwater Mailing - News & Press Releases

Broadwater Moving on up

Worthing based Broadwater Mailing Services are celebrating eight years of successful year on year growth. Says Iain Sopp, Managing Director,
"Moving into our new unit with 3500 ft.² of warehouse space has really helped us to grow our business. Our clients very much look upon us now as a one-stop shop for all of their storage and mailing requirements."

Pick 'n' Pack Fulfilment Service

Broadwater Mailing has recently launched a Pick 'N' Pack fulfilment service following client demand. The service is ideal for home-based entrepreneurs with eBay style businesses - Broadwater Mailing do not impose a minimum spend or even a minimum order limit. Clients have “ultimate flexibility” commented Jackie Sopp, Director. As demand for a client’s product increases, so they can increase their requirement of Broadwater, but there is no up front or ongoing commitment to do so.

Direct Mail Still Holds Its Own

The Internet is here to stay and online purchasing has soared through the roof. But, direct mail has a vital part to play in fulfilling Internet demand says award-winning Chartered Marketer, Dee Blick. According to topline statistics: 87% of consumers are either very or quite satisfied with the products they buy through direct mail and 56% of consumers say that value-for-money was the main benefit of buying through direct mail. Looking at the business - to - business picture the figures are impressive too. The cumulative total spending for business managers in response to direct mail over the last 12 months has a mean of £8,476.15.

"Consumer direct mail alone generates £27 billion worth of business every single year and it’s on the increase. Direct mail is a proven channel to market and it's definitely holding its own, " concludes Dee.